Pride vs Humility (Part 2)

“More of Him, less of me.”

     There’s a quote (and bible verse John 3:30) that most of us have heard, this topic needs to have a more Godly light to shine on it now, verses part one where it was just my opinions. Knowing more about forms of pride will help you come to realize that there are some many ways you can come off as prideful. Pride lures us into living independently of God and can ultimately cut us off from others and God Himself.

Forms of Bad Pride (and biblical truth)

  1. Appearance: We are not trying to commend ourselves to you again, but are giving you an opportunity to take pride in us, so that you can answer those who take pride in us so that you can answer those who take pride in what is seen rather than what is in the heart. 2 Corinthians 5:12

  2. Riches: They took pride in their beautiful jewelry and used it to make detestable idols. They made it into vile images; therefore I will make it a thing unclean for them. Ezekiel 7:20

  3. Comparison: Each one should test their own actions,then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else. Galatians 6:4

  4. Achievement: Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; on outsider, and not your own lips. Proverbs 27:2

  5. Boasting: Your boasting is not good. Don’t you know that a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough? Get rid of old yeast so that you may be a new unleavened batch- as you really are. 1 Corinthians 5:6-7

Forms of Good Pride (and biblical truth)

  1. Jesus: My soul will make its boast in the Lord; The humble will hear it and rejoice. Psalm 34:2  but let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. For in these things I delight, declares the Lord. Jeremiah 9:24 Therefore, as it is written: “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord. 1 Corinthians 1:31

  2. Others: as you have understood us in part, you will come to understand fully that you can boast of us just as we will boast of you in the day of the Lord Jesus. 2 Corinthians 1:14 We are not commending ourselves to you again but giving you cause to boast about us, so that you may be able to answer those who boast about outward appearance and not about what is in the heart. 2 Corinthians 5:12 For he was crucified in weakness, but lives by the power of God. For we also are weak in him, but in dealing with you we will live with him by the power of God. 2 Corinthians 13:4

  3. Yourself: Let the lowly brother boast in his exaltation, and the rich in his humiliation, because like a flower of the grass he will pass away. James 1:9-10

     There is a constant struggle knowing if the pride you have is good or not, going to Christ to intercede those questions will always be the best way to go. If you didn’t notice, good pride comes from keeping your priorities in order. When you serve in a way that Jesus always comes first followed by others and lastly yourself, you experience joy.




     With bad pride there will be no joy because there will never be full completion in a flawed human, always seek Christ with your imperfections.


Pride vs Humility (Part 1)

Here’s something that’s been on my heart for some time now; because I’m seeing so much false humility and people don’t realize that it’s just a form of pride. I don’t think people realize the negative impression they leave with all the empty “I’m praying for you” and endless forms of self righteousness. I fall short of this constantly, whether it be my lack of genuineness, or constant failure to show Jesus to everyone.

Humility comes when people are secure.
Pride comes when they are insecure.

     The only place where we can find pure security in anything, is in Jesus Christ. We can’t keep looking to other people to fill the God sized holes in our hearts, because that will only leave us more empty than before. People will never hold the satisfaction that Jesus does, broken people need to stop looking to other broken people to fix them.

Humility is strength.
Pride is weakness.

     Knowing that you can’t do it all on your own is one of the greatest ways to realize humility, to admit that you’re not good enough and the fact that you need help. When you have pride you don’t want the help of others and you’ll eventually fall flat on your face, which is then when most realize that the way they’ve been doing things isn’t as beneficial as they though.

Humility is attractive. It makes people want to follow you.
Pride is obnoxious. It causes people to flee from you.

     When you’re selfless it will draw people to you, simply because it’s a refreshing thing to be around. Humble people love others in such a beautiful way, people know that they’re wanted simple because of who they are. Pride will bring out the worst in people, there will be constant complaints and comparison which is a toxic environment to be around.

Humble people understand their dependence on God and yield to Him.
Proud people are their gods and over emphasize themselves.

     Knowing that you have God to help you through any struggle is one of the most comforting things to know, because en you can relax knowing that He will help with your struggles. While those with pride have a main focus of them self and won’t go out to seek the help and comfort they need from Christ.

     With Jesus, this constant tug and pull will become easier. It will never go away which proves we will always need Christ to guide us and give us strength. Seek Him through the trials, and praise Him through the tribulations.

Working at a Christian Camp

For the past month, and next two months, I was blessed with the opportunity to work at a Christian camp. I though it would be easy since I’m at a Christian camp, well it’s still tough and it won’t stop being tough, but for the sake of the cross it is worth it.

What I’ve noticed is it’s so much like the real world, with the constant struggles and trials going on throughout the day, and the struggle to glorify Christ with all you can. All the blood, sweat, and tears will lead at least one person to Christ truly, and countless out of a lukewarm state to genuinely following Christ. It can happen here at the camp I’m at, or right down the road from you.

Amazing isn’t it?

God uses someone like you. Full of sin and defiantly not perfect, but valued so much in the kingdom. You’re not as alone in this as you think. We all believe we fall short in one area or another, but actually that belief is true. We will never perfect everything, but that’s the best, we get to rely on Christ who is the only true form of perfection. Relying on Him to guide us, and show us how to glorify Him in the best way.

Now being spiritually drained is a struggle, walking alone in the dessert is not an easy battle, but it makes you stronger. Without pain, there’s no perseverance, which won’t make progress. The amazing thing about the process is that it will produce most fruits.

Now take a deep breath. Talk a walk. Talk to God. You deserve it. Take the time to spend time with the one who created time, it will chance every ounce of your being in the best way.

Cries out from the broken hearted

After years and years of looking for love and using lust as bait, I was unsuccessful, not your typical Christian blog, is it? Hi everyone, my name is Alexandria Woodhouse and I struggle with lust, yes me…a girl. I just ask for a few minutes of your time, so I can share with you my personal battle with love and lust, I don’t want any of you to go through the hurts and pain I have and am still battling. It’s not what God wants over your life and not what you need in your life.

We can fast forward through all the unneeded details, but I will tell you lust consumed my life,
at 10 I first saw (and was instantly addicted to) porn, and by 18 I had a sex addiction,
I think from that little of info you can imagine how bad this was.
There was young man that came into my life and I was instantly head over heels, we’ll call him Tim. Tim was an amazing man, had amazing talents, and a beautiful personality. Tim began to return the feelings but it wasn’t like I expected, I saw him pay attention to others more, he wasn’t quite the same with me in public as he was in private, this confused and hurt me. Was I not good enough? What did I have to do to impress him? How should I change myself to make him like me more? I never felt like I was enough for him, because he gave me minimal attention. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? That was my continual question, it was so hard, I had such strong feelings for him and wanted so much more than just the casual hookups, that’s when it hit me…
Love is doing everything you can to make the other person happy, even when it isn’t what makes you happy.
Lust is making yourself happy, and filling your needs.
Love is giving up some of your simple pleasures to make sure the other is happy.
Lust leaves you empty, because it will never be enough.
Love gives.
Lust takes.

Using lust to try and turn this crush into a relationship more than failed. I took this the wrong way completely, I would much rather him fall in love with the things about me, than get turned on by me taking off my clothes. You see, love is so much more powerful than lust, lust is just tied to sexuality, love is so beautiful and will result in sex when the time is right. I was so confused with the idea of love and lust I genuinely felt I could make him fall in love with me with lust.

So often we get tired of the process of looking for love and then we begin to forget that the whole idea of dating and courting is to find a life partner, I mean this is a life decision so why are we so content with the idea of settling and living average lives? There’s so much more to dating than finding someone you’re sexually compatible with. Think about it; you’re a virgin who married a virgin, but you’re so in love with that person you’re willing to work through the awkwardness of first times and explore and experience this new feeling together. I find it beautiful, quite frankly, loving someone so much that you’re willing to wait for them, to pass up opportunities with loveless hookups to save that special intimacy with the one you choose to spend your life with.
First know that it’s not a sin to be tempted, even Jesus was tempted, it’s when you act upon those temptations is when it becomes a sin. So stop asking yourself “How far can I go before it’s considered a sin?” and start asking yourself “How pure can I stay?” I mean the bible even states (Matthew 5:28) those who look at another with lustful intents has committed adultery in their heart. So how on earth do we avoid these temptations?
  1.  Stay in group settings
  2.  Keep your conversations holy
  3.  Know what will make you tempted
  4.  Have an accountability partner
  5.  Avoid being alone with someone else if you know there will be temptation
  6.  Stay in the word

Remember you were bought with a price your body is no longer yours, make God honoring decisions.

“Sex is a gift from God but we’ve taken it and made it idolatry
We’ve taken it and put it in the place of God
And we worship it and so it comes out in all kinds of profane ways
And so we blame the women for what they’re wearing
And we blame the media for what they’re producing
But we never blame ourselves
For how we’ve twisted God’s gift to glorify us”
Temptation -116 Clique
If you’ve slipped up, don’t worry you’re not alone. I remember I used to be so unforgiving of myself for my actions, I know they aren’t okay but we all need to remember how much more God means than the temporary ‘feel good’ sins. There’s so much more to life than feeding our flesh, I challenge you to read Romans 8 sometime soon and let’s all get convicted but strive to be more Christ-like in all our words and actions. We all fall short, which is why we have Jesus, He cares so deeply for us and wants to see us succeed in life, trust in Him.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
 and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to Him,
and He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6 

Finding Your Worth in Christ

I’m not good enough.

I’m not pretty enough.

Why would they like me?

I’m nothing special.

Doesn’t it make you sad when you hear your absolutely amazing loved ones say something like this? I think it makes them pretty sad when you say these too (because let’s face it we all do). But I can’t imagine how this makes God feels, I mean think about it from a fathers spot; “So beloved, you’re telling me you don’t feel good enough because an imperfect society told you that you’re less than you are?” That would break my heart.

I’ve been seeing a lot of things about relationships, and young people let me tell you a relationship will never complete you. Rushing into a relationship because you’re lonely is a horrible decision, the point of dating is to find a life partner, that’s kind of an important decision. Take your time and don’t rush into things, that will help make sure you know truly what you’re getting into relationship wise. Don’t let another “relationship goal” picture make you feel any less, it’s just a photo.

When we find out worth in false idols like Instagram likes, number of followers on social media, etc. we end up feeling empty because we will never be good enough for these fake idols, someone will always have more followers, have better nature pictures, etc. That’s the really great thing about finding your identity in Christ, we are all equal with one another and there isn’t any type of compassion. We are all equally important in God’s eyes and that’s the truly amazing thing about following Christ.

“For the Lord will not forsake his people, for His great name’s sake, because it has pleased the Lord to make you a people for Himself.”

1 Samuel 12:22

When we try to make these idols happy we end up feeling empty inside, why? Because we all have God sized holes in our hearts that we commonly try to fill with worthless things. When we try seek these temporary things we feel good for a moment, but end up feeling empty after. These things offer a false idea of identity and worth, when our worth is purely found in Christ.

Let me tell you from personal experience, trying to impress the world isn’t going to make you happy. Nothing you do will be good enough. You’ll never be perfect to society, even those seemingly perfect celebrities have their share of insecurities, so why do we try so hard to make society love us?

 Well maybe if my hair was a little longer

If I was a little bit thinner

If I had clear skin

If I had straighter teeth

If…..if only

         We are full of “ifs”  because we get this perfect image shoved down our throat constantly. We HAVE to have perfect hair, skin, and perfect everything to be seen as valuable to society. What a cruel, broken world we live in that ‘appearance is everything’ mindset, when in fact it’s not. I see young (and old) people constantly tearing themselves down because they don’t match the PHYSICAL standards of the world, but we need to focus on the internal qualities of ourselves.

     What a world it would be if we focused on peoples attitudes the same way we focus on their appearance, can you imagine…

“Wow you have such a great sense of humor.”

“You always know how to make my day better.”

“The way you love others is beautiful.”

     Can we make this a new thing? We as believers seriously need to stop trying to make the world happy, our confidence should be found in Christ.

 “Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant than to pretend to be someone and have no food”

Proverbs 12:9

     Can we just stop pretending to be other people? I mean really. All of us have our own unique quirks and traits, but I also see a lot of people getting mocked for having similar qualities as other people. I’ve witnessed people being called fake for such things, we need to take the time to realize that is now at all how it works. We are all unique and sometimes our uniqueness will go hand in hand with someone else’s uniqueness, don’t mean anything is wrong, honestly.

Love yourself.

When Home doesn’t feel like home

Recently I flew home to Chicago from Waco, The Lord called me to Waco about seven months ago and I went that entire time without seeing my family. You can imagine the emotional toll it took on me, I had never been so alone in my life. The crazy thing is, I had never been so close to God either, He took everything from me for me to realize He was all I need.

Now following where God called me didn’t make life all fine and dandy, in fact life got much harder, my eating disorder was getting ready to take my life within a few years at the pace I was going, I was used and abused by a guy I had feelings for, I deleted (and reactivated) my twitter, I was drinking again, and things were not looking good.

Seeing my family for the first time in so long triggered something in me, I wanted to be that person I was before I moved out, I found a comfort in seeking my old ways. I wanted to be that ungodly girl once again who did whatever she wanted whenever, and I did. Once I came home (to Texas) I was overwhelmed with conviction, I knew what I did was wrong.

You see God calls us to be a light in the darkness, and the bible also says your own family will hate you. I guess reading that particular verse scared me more than anything. No one in my family is saved so they don’t understand what living a Godly life is like. So I lived heavily in the world, not showing them the redeeming power of Jesus.

So here I am, typing this, sobbing and trying to avoid getting water damage on my laptop in the process, all while Jesus whispers His sweetness to me.

“Daughter, have I not already set you free? Why do you choose a life of misery when I want you with me here in paradise. Your sin doesn’t repel me, only my heart breaks for you. Seek Me and I will give you rest, lay your burdens at My feet, I long to be closer to you,’

Oh Savior, our sweet, sweet Savior. If you’re anywhere in a place similar to me; trying to figure out life while struggling to keep a faithful relationship with God, I got good news. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE OKAY. God will take us back with open arms and an overflowing heart, we are His prize.

Moving on from the past

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. James 5:13-16

No one with a broken leg asks for running shoes.
No one with an empty tank asks for new tires.
We need to confess the reasons for our immobility and then address that problem.

     What does that mean to us? Well for every shortcoming we face in life: divorce, depression, etc. all have one thing in common; they root from brokenness. Brokenness is inevitable living in this very broken world, there’s sadly no way to avoid it. The amazing thing about being a believer is we know that we have Jesus as our strength, that He is walking with us during all these battles.

Why do we have trials and hardships in life, you may ask, good question.

Think about school (I know, ewe) anyways, imagine you’re doing 1st grade level work, that’s it. You never go above a 1st graders level work, that may sound nice at first, doesn’t it? You know you’ll always get A’s because it isn’t challenging to you, but it doesn’t promote educational growth. Without a challenge there won’t be any progress, you’ll be at a standstill. So when trials and hardships come at you in life consider it a blessing because it’s going to make you grow as a person, choose to take these challenges head on.

Here’s a few steps I personally take to help me with trials
1) Stay positive
2) Don’t focus too much on the negative
3) Know it WILL get better
4) Seek encouragement
5) Find distractions
6) Again, stay positive

We are all humans, we fail, we fall short, but don’t let that bring you down. There’s so much more to life than focusing on all the negatives that happen, when we put focus on the good it can change everything. But when we put our focus on God things can change for the great because God can change every bad situation into a good one in an instant. When we put our faith and trust in Him everything can change. When we expect God to do something radical in our lives, odds are He will do exactly that, but above and beyond. It’s by the grace of God we overcome as much as we do, He cares so much for us yet we constantly take that for granted.

We need to remember that God isn’t some wish granting gene that will give you an A on the test you didn’t study for, nor is He only there when you think you need Him. He is always there, always waiting for you to call out to Him or to notice all He’s trying to do to help you in life, He delights in us so much. So often we tell ourselves that our problems aren’t significant enough for Him to take the time to help us, or even care. We need to stop declaring such negativity on ourselves and remember that God loves each and everyone of us equal and unconditionally. There’s no problem too small or any problem too big for Him to handle.

Personally I love to bottle up all my problems and not tell a soul what I’m up against because I don’t want to burden them, ironically I just become a burden to myself by letting these things build up. When we tell others what’s going on it’s not only is a relieving feeling, but it provides you with a new accountability partner, then you’ll have someone to check up on you through these times of trials and struggles. No, we don’t usually want to let anyone know what’s going on in our personal life, sometimes we’re really embarrassed by our struggles. I know I was so ashamed of my biggest ones, but when I came out and was open about it, it promoted healing and gave me so much comfort. When I shared my struggle I learned that others were up against the same thing and they came to me giving me advice on the struggle and gave me their own personal stories they were up against.

When this happened it ensured me and them that we we not by any means alone in our fights. I gained new accountability partners who make sure I’m doing okay. (I suffer from an eating disorder and I have several friends who text me daily asking if I ate and took my vitamins) It’s amazing having people ado this for me, so if you know someone struggling I encourage you to reach out, and if you’re hurting I encourage you to find someone to talk to (preferably an elder) and just let it all out. We need to stop worrying what others think and start worrying what God thinks, because His oponion is ultimately what matters the most.

Why do we try so hard to appear like we have it all together? Because we try so hard to impress a temporary society instead of trying to impress an eternal God, but we aren’t called to live in the ways of the world. God called us to step up and stand out for His glory. We don’t have to be perfect to represent Christ, that isn’t what following Him is about. It’s not about pointing our others flaws and claiming it to be a Godly judgment when your judgment isn’t loving or righteous, but bitter and hateful. We all need time to grieve, no matter how minor the situation, you’re allowed to be sad. Don’t worry about being down in the dumps, that’s perfectly normal and just okay, you play that sad music and cry, never forget you’re only human.

Remember we don’t have to live in the past anymore, there’s so much greater in store for you, I know sometimes the past may seem glorious but you have the power to make your future even better than before. There’re little steps we can all take that will make a difference, instead of getting angry/sad in a situation, force yourself to think about something that makes you happy, train yourself to find the positives versus dwell in the negatives. That could very well be the source of your unhappiness (some of you) you’re focusing too much on the past and not investing anything to make sure the future will be greater.

Stay constant in prayer, and in hope, you’re an overcomer. There are so many people who care for you, don’t for a second forget that. There is so much greater coming ahead, don’t for a second doubt yourself or God’s infinite abilities.

Unplugging in a plugged in generation

*This is going to be me preaching to myself as well so don’t for a second think I’m not just as convicted as you*

     This topic came to mind as I was feeling very hipster and got my Starbucks Trenta iced coffee and sat down with my laptop to write a long overdue blog. As I plugged my laptop into the wall, my iPhone into the laptop, and head phones into my iPhone, I couldn’t help but to notice how obnoxious I looked. Something was plugged into something that was plugged into something that was plugged into something else, which is something that people just overlook now-a-days. We’ve become so accustomed to technology that it is beyond a norm. It isn’t even a norm anymore, it’s a necessity. We might even look twice at someone who isn’t glued to their phone.

“Wow they must be unpopular.”

“Who doesn’t have a smart phone?”

“How can they live without one?”

     Let’s face it, we’re so plugged in, text messaging, social media, etc. there’s always something that we can check, someone new posted something or there’s some new celebrity gossip article out. Why are we so fascinated with putting our lives on display and sharing our stuff with the world. Myself included, I can count multiple times I’ve let social media know what I was consuming or generic something that happened in my day. Now there isn’t anything wrong with that, but as soon as we seek recognition and stop pointing to the cross, that’s when social media can be hazardous to our health. Because as soon as we find fulfillment in other people’s approval, we stop seeking approval from The Father, the opinion others have on you will slowly consume you, and you will never (I repeat) NEVER will live up to society’s standards. No amount of likes, of followers, or retweets will ever satisfy you. Why? Because someone will always have more, someone will always have a nicer car, newer clothes, etc. so why are we so obsessed with the superficial idea of becoming famous or the next big thing? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not considered ungodly to want fame or fortune, but if you’re not honoring God with what you have now, then why should God even consider blessing you with more.

     Think about it; remember when you were last begged your parents for the newest phone, Northface, etc., because if you just have THAT item then life would be better, because THAT item was the ticket to make everything great. If we had the latest iPhone or Galaxy life would be complete, because it’s the coolest thing out there. But you’re too busy saying all the bad things about your current phone to even realize how blessed you are to even have one. We keep asking for more and more while complaining about what we have, and as soon as the next best thing comes out we’re going to be tired of what we currently have. This goes hand in hand with when we keep asking God for more blessings; we don’t honor what we do have yet we go and ask and ask and ask for more.

     What if you were to write down everything you prayed for in the past month? The past year? What would that look like? Are you praying more for yourself and for God to bless you than praying for the sick and poor? Ouch. I know my list would be pretty selfish, the only other person I prayed for besides myself is the guy I like, totally selfish of me. I should at least be praying for all my unsaved loved ones, but no, my head cold was at the top of the list for me. It hurts to even admit this, I challenge you, to come along side with me and stop praying selfish prayers and pray for others.


Remove yourself from the world, more of Him, less of yourself. “He must become greater; I must become less.” -John 3:30 the less of us that we have, the less sin, selfishness, and world we let enter our lives. We should strive to be Christlike, God is perfect, so why aren’t we striving to reach such a perfection? Following Jesus isn’t considered cool by most people so it’s discouraging when the world doesn’t approve of us, if we get under 50 likes on instagram then there’s something wrong, we aren’t popular enough. Because that’s what it’s all about, social media is becoming a popularity contest, we need to have more followers/likes/whatever than the next person. If we disconnect just a little bit, just spend 30 minutes off social media, that’s 30 minutes less of us worrying about what others have to say and if what you say will get enough attention.

We live in such a “look at me” society, that the more we find ourselves connected into the social sphere, the more we find ourselves comparing our lives to others. But no one’s life is as seemingly perfect as they portray on social media, so don’t stop beating yourself op over something so silly.

For this week I challenge you to make some changes in your life, and I will be doing this as well because I have become so social media driven it’s sickening.

  1. When you wake up reach for your bible or talk to God because you reach for your phone to talk to everyone else first
  2. Have quiet time with God (and then live your day not quiet about Him)
  3. Don’t complain
  4. Speak life
  5. Love others like Jesus loves us
  6. Spend less time glued to your phone and more time with God
  7. Reach out to the hurting

Focus less on us and more on Him, we can do this. Find a brother/sister in Christ to hold you accountable to this challenge, and watch your life change for the best.

Bruised but not broken

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile. As [Most of] you all know The Lord called me to Texas from Illinois, and I doubted Him greatly for that. This time here has opened my eyes so much and enhanced my walk greatly. It’s not all there but moving here helped me beat my eating disorder fully and most of my anxiety. So that’s where I’ve been, an anxiety driven mess of a believer and man is it a waste of time.

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you 1 Peter 5:7

    Earlier today I was nestled in my bed, crying my eyes out, with no reason really I was just feeling so defeated. I decided to go play volleyball with some of the college age people who also go to my church, to distract myself if anything. It worked for awhile but anxiety has a way of creeping back, I was having trouble even speaking to the other people, I know it’s really pathetic. I couldn’t stay anymore because anxiety was just consuming my every thought and action, I knew I needed to run to Jesus immediately.

     As I was driving home the oh-so-popular and well known song “How He loves us” by David Crowder came on and I heard it from a different perspective. I stopped and actually listened to the lyrics, and they hit me, hard. We DON’T deserve an ounce of mercy and grace God gives us, yet He delights in it. He delights in you, He delights in me, He delights in everyone. Why? Because God is love, that’s all He has is love for us. I came to the realization of just how much it broke His heart to see how broken I was.

     You see, since God is so holy and so sovereign; and He is the same today, tomorrow, and forevermore, He will never move farther or closer away from us. That’s why when we find ourselves lacking in our walk with God, it’s because our time spent with Him is lacking. The more we fill ourselves with worldly things, the less of God we experience. This isn’t because He loves us less, it’s because we let things interfere with our connection to Him. Odds are we’re struggling with sins that leave us feeling empty and broken inside, I know that’s how it is for me.

     Every time I run to one of my secret sins they seem so comforting and promising at first, but while I’m sinning or when I’m done I feel even more empty than before. So often I try to play god and do things my own way which leaves me feeling great for .493 seconds but it leaves me longing to have that God sized hole in my heart filled up. But there is so much power in the name of Jesus, there’s so much power to the cross, God cannot be defeated. I’m sick of watching myself and countless others live half heartedly for God simply because we keep choosing our flesh over God.

     Run to the cross, no matter how bad your situation is, keep running, God will be waiting with open arms. You’re not in this fight alone, darling, I’m praying for you. There’s so much power in the name of Jesus to break every chain, never stop declaring it.

Living a radical life

So many of us get comfortable living the “Christian” life, so many complain about how hard it is, but really is it? Let’s take a moment to reflect on what Jesus’ disciples’ endured; harassment, threats, hate, abuse, all but two were martyred. Now I’m not here to scare you and say following God is going to make everyone hate you and try to kill you, I’m saying times really aren’t that hard, especially living in America.

A few months back I attended an intense bible study called “Secret Church” by David Platt, it ended up being an eight hour study which was amazing yet exhausting. He got the idea while in China where he preached in a “Secret Church” to Chinese that risked their lives just to hear the word of God. I’m currently reading “Radical” By Platt and he elaborates more on preaching to these people, but the studies went as long as TWELVE hours.

Not many Americans would sit through that, and we have fancy lights, cushy seating, air conditioning, and so much more that these people in China don’t have yet take weeks off of working on their farms and such to hear the word of God. How amazing would it be for us to be that hungry for the word of God?

Think about it, if you were on fire you would do whatever you could to put it out? Right? You would care how stupid you look, you just want to put it out. It’s kind of like truly being on fire for God, you don’t care how stupid you look you just want to share the glory of God to the world!

Think about your favorite celebrity, athlete, musician, someone you’re passionate about, you want everyone to know just how great they are right? So why do so many of us hold back sharing Jesus to other people? If He’s truly done great things in your life then you should want to tell the world just what God has done for you!

I mean come on people! I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone this week! For me personally it wasn’t easy and I’m still working on it, I used to be so embarrassed to read my bible in public but now I have no issue! It’s a working progress for us all, find a Godly accountability partner, someone who is unashamed. Hang out with them more and pick up on their Godly habits, sometimes it’s really hard to take that first step but having a friend by your side makes it much easier.